Links 2/24/17

Links for you. Science:

Honeybees let out a ‘whoop’ when they bump into each other
One Thing Congress Agrees On: Vaccines Work
Fed’s “Gold Standard” Produces Fool’s Gold (interesting view of a certain discipline’s use of RCTs)
It took a set of specific circumstances to allow the blue whale to become the largest of all animals
NASA’s longshot bet on a revolutionary rocket may be about to pay off


Move Left, Democrats
Bernie Sanders 3-Point Plan To Move Forward
Can the Left Win? A Q and A With Zephyr Teachout.
A Very Bad, No Good, Terrible Idea
Bank Workers Will Protest to Form Their First US Union — And The Whole World Is Watching
Anti-Trump anger has prompted a surge in resistance to New York’s GOP-enabling IDC ‘Democrats’
Time Is Money, and Drivers Are Going Broke
Automation and Working Class Displacement
For Democrats to win back the House in 2018, the first step is believing they can
Border Wall Would Cleave Tribe, and Its Connection to Ancestral Land
In a Walt Whitman Novel, Lost for 165 Years, Clues to ‘Leaves of Grass’
How Cities Should Take Care of Their Housing Problems
Milo Yiannopoulos Had Some Notable Fans in Tennessee Just 2 Weeks Ago
ExxonMobil Sued Her. Now She’s Suing the President*.
Michigan test score gains worst in nation
Okay, let’s talk about why certain people have this pathological need to paint Europe as some kind of crime-ridden hellscape, shall we?

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