Links 2/17/17

Links for you. Science:

Sea Turtles Are in Much Worse Shape Than Previously Thought
The anti-vaccine movement is growing dangerously stronger
Broad Institute prevails in heated dispute over CRISPR patents
How the New Climate Denial Is Like the Old Climate Denial
Robert De Niro and RFK Jr. have joined forces to push vaccine nonsense


Is Trump a Populist?
Don’t Blame Oroville on Environmentalists
A last chance to add life to Seaport
The Christian woman who defended Obamacare says she actually wants a single-payer system
“Not Wanted” Jason Chaffetz
Senate Doesn’t Have Plans To Block D.C.’s Death With Dignity Law
President* Trump Can’t Escape This Time
Just Elect Keith Ellison Already
Trump voters deserve understanding and consideration — but not more than any other Americans
The Washington National Cathedral Was Lit Last Night
Democrats bracing for town hall protests directed at them ask Bernie Sanders for help
“Civil Rights Groups” Throw Public Under the Bus on Net Neutrality for Their Big Telco Donors
In California Farm Country, Trump’s Deportation Threat Looms Large
Feds cite D.C. charters for high suspension rates, particularly for black students
Theresa Kereakes’ Intimate Portraits Capture Punk’s Latino Roots in 1970s LA
Republicans Must Own Trump; “Reformers” Must Own DeVos
Can “institutional inertia” save the EPA?
Beauty and the Beast: Donald Trump as the Interior Decorator in Chief

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