Links 2/16/17

Links for you. Science:

Scientists discover pollution 10,000 meters below the ocean’s surface in the Mariana Trench
5 possible futures for the EPA under Trump
How a minor committee became a ‘weapon’ of the climate wars
A millionaire’s mission: Stop hospitals from killing their patients by medical error
This Beetle Bites an Ant’s Waist and Pretends to be Its Butt


As a Christian, I defended Obamacare. But I really support single-payer.
Self-Described Liberals And Democrats Had Lots of Gay Friends
The DNC road show came to Baltimore
The Forgotten History of U Street
Universities didn’t “turn left”; they stayed committed to rational thought. It was the right which turned imbecile.
From a friend in Texas, the real results of anti-immigrant policy
A Political Opening for Universal Health Care?
This Is Not America
House committee moves to block D.C.’s assisted-suicide law (when you make Rep. Issa look good, you’re doing something very wrong)
This is what school buses looked like in 1934
Hundreds Of Washingtonians Plot To Keep Meddlesome Congress’s ‘Hands Off D.C.’
Sympathy For The Staff
Management team at Kramerbooks quits as new owner’s changes take hold
Mass sexual assaults by refugees in Frankfurt ‘completely made up’
Trump, asked about anti-Semitism, brags about election victory
Should Democrats team up with Wall Street to fight Trump? Hell no.
Some are wondering why historical comparison this cartoon tries to make is so wrong-headed. Let me try to explain.

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