“There Is Something Really, Really Wrong With Him”

It’s an open question, if on the policy front, someone like Ted Cruz or John Kasich–two presidential primary contenders–would have been worse than Il Trumpe will most likely be. Regular readers will know that I’m no fan of Republicans, to say the least. But, as I’ve been writing since the election, Trump is a stone cold narcissist. He fits the archetype to a T.

I want to be clear, I’m not using narcissist as a synonym for asshole (though Trump is an asshole). It’s not like calling someone an idiot or a fucking moron, where you’re really stating that their arguments are foolish. I really do mean that he is a narcissist, which is to say he’s mentally ill. I don’t make light of mental illness, since I’ve known too many people who have suffered from depression or other disorders. But they, at least, when they weren’t suffering from their illness, tried to combat it, and realized it was a problem for them and those who care about them. But many narcissists, and this seems to include Trump, don’t realize they have a problem (the same can be said about many sociopaths).

While many, if not all, presidents have had their own foibles and quirks, Trump is ill. His most recent break with reality–and these are critical for the narcissist as they help maintain the story line in his head–was a speech he gave where he claimed that his inauguration was so popular D.C. area dress stores couldn’t keep up with the demand for ballroom dresses. Of course, this is Trump, so, in fact, the opposite was true: demand is low and there’s plenty of stock.

Who lies about this? This is not normal.

Which brings us to this commentary by Keith Olbermann, where he notes that Trump is not well. The key point is that people are going to have to recognize this, not just as a survival strategy, but because this will lead to a national crisis, and everyone will have to do something about it (I usually don’t post video, because the information/unit time sucks, but this is worth it):

I would not be happy with a ‘typical’ Republican, but Trump could be really, really bad.

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3 Responses to “There Is Something Really, Really Wrong With Him”

  1. itsathought2 says:

    I agree. There are definitely things that would happen no matter which GOP candidate was elected. They would dismantle ACA and hack away at all the steps that have been taken to provide rights to LGBTQ. We cannot blame Trump specifically for that.

    But he stands in a terrifying position where his real and demonstrated inability for self control and reality measurement are detrimental to everyone.

  2. Net Denizen says:

    Having not yet watched the video, I was going to make the point that Keith Olbermann is not going to reach the people who think trump is doing just fine, or who voted for him out of whatever non-Hillary Clinton motivations they have. But then I realized that the people who support trump DESPITE the shitty human being he is will probably never be convinced there is something wrong with him anyway. And I think that is the real problem for the country when the “leader” is a raging narcissist, and his followers share in his mental illness and celebrate it themselves.

  3. paintedjaguar says:

    “Who lies about this? This is not normal.”

    Really? Who lies about getting shot at by snipers (among many other things)? Is that normal? What standard are we measuring with and would the other narcissistic shit sandwich on offer would have smelled so much better? I really, really hate that I’m being forced into defending friggin’ Donald Trump against the current liberal hysteria. It’s like all the angina about his “pussy grabbing” comment, which scenario in context was about star-fucking behaviour and celebrity privilege, not just about what a misogynist monster Trump is, regardless of my own low opinion of him.

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