Links 1/10/17

Links for you. Science:

A rant about academic science from an industry perspective
When you’re the scientist in the family
Trump Just Dismissed the People in Charge of Maintaining Our Nuclear Arsenal (just like the FEMA changeover in the Bush Administration, this could lead to catastrophe)
The discovery of medieval Trellech and the plucky amateurs of archaeology
Good for the Heart, Good for the Brain


The Obama Speeches: Drones need no Churchills and deserve no Lincolns (sadly, I will never write this well)
Bowser Announces $500,000 In Grants To Provide Legal Help To D.C. Immigrants
Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer trolls hard
Are The PISA Education Results Rigged? (the kids who get it the worst are poor Asian kids)
D.C. Dress Shops Dispute Trump’s Claim That They Are ‘Sold-Out’ for Inauguration: ‘There’s Never Been Less Demand’ (a normal person doesn’t lie about this)
A Clear and Present Danger to the Republic
Andrew Bacevich: How the US Blew the Post-Cold-War Era
One of the Reasons Republicans Hate Food Stamps? It Helps Democrats Win Elections
The Public Option For Obamacare Was Not Impossible
Why You Should Never, Ever Listen To Nate Silver
From Tape Drives to Memory Orbs, the Data Formats of Star Wars Suck (Spoilers)
The Obama Legacy’s Empty Spaces
Democrats Must Become the Party of Freedom
How Henry Kissinger Conspired Against a Sitting President
UK intelligence gave US key tipoff about Russian hacking, report says
Days before airport shooting, Florida lawmakers worked on bill to allow guns in airports
Federal agencies rush to fill job openings before Trump takes office Jan. 20
The Problem With Trump’s Admiration of General Patton
Home Buyers Are Paying a $600 Trump Tax on New Mortgages

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2 Responses to Links 1/10/17

  1. jrkrideau says:

    The New York Times, citing “two people familiar with the conclusions” of the report, said British intelligence was “among the first” to raise the alarm in autumn 2015 that Moscow had hacked the computer servers of the Democratic National Committee.

    And anyone would consider the New York Times a reliable source when it cites “two people familiar …? New York Times has never met a conspiracy it did not like. It makes Alex Jones look like a confirmed skeptic.

    • And how many times has mobbed up Littlefingers Donald Trump alleged things about anything or anyone based on “I read it” or “I heard it” or “I’m smarter than everyone else” or some other BS with no links to anyone?

      This morning I woke up to Littlefingers alleging the U.S. was Nazi Germany because of this alleged report.

      All he has to do is release all of his IRS tax records if he is innocent. Why won’t he release them? He lied that he couldn’t because they were being audited by the U.S. Warren Buffet revealed that was a lie.

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