Dear Dems, No More Content-Free Slogans

Right now, there’s a contest over who will be the new Democratic National Committee chairman. Unlike the savvy pundits, who claim this race doesn’t matter very much (and they were right about the 2016 elections! Or something), this is actually important. To a considerable extent, the DNC determines who is tapped for congressional races and what kind of support they will receive. So it does matter.

The front-runner is left-leaning Congressman Keith Ellison, with his main competition being Labor Secretary Tom Perez. Personally, I think Ellison would be better–and not picking Ellison would be a big fuck you to a fair number of field organizers. That said, Perez was arguably the most left-ish member of the Obama administration, and would probably be fine.

But Perez recently tweeted the following:

If you were a Democrat who didn’t think Clinton was awesome, that’s probably not the slogan you want to hear. Because Clinton didn’t get it done. But that’s not what really bothers me. I’m tired about Democrats using market-tested, bullshit empty slogans (don’t even get me started with “I’m With Her.”*). If Perez wanted to make the claim that, as DNC chair, he will focus on labor-related issues, great!**. Then say that. Just don’t offer up bullshit phrases; they don’t gain you anything, and, as Perez, noted can make you look silly.

Substance, especially when dealing with highly-involved Democrats, matters.

*Who gives a fuck if you’re with her? What matters is if she is with you.

**Though it’s not clear whether being an unelected labor secretary is the best qualification for being a DNC chairman. On the other hand, gaining back labor votes and support is critical.

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2 Responses to Dear Dems, No More Content-Free Slogans

  1. Chris G says:

    >Who gives a fuck if you’re with her? What matters is if she is with you.

    I can’t remember where I heard it but I remember one time reading “Don’t vote for the politician who you like. Vote for the one who likes you.” It might have been Sanders. Jim Hightower? It’s good advice no matter who offered it.

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