Links 1/1/17

Happy New Year! Here’s to hoping this year will be better than last. Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

The caves that prove Neanderthals were cannibals
On Perez/Ellison
Will the Alt-Right Promote a New Kind of Racist Genetics? (nope. The same old racism, just with bigger words)
Roche Abruptly Breaks Off PacBio Partnership
The Natural History of Cheese Mites (AND THEY ARE HAVING SEX ON YOUR CHEESE!)


The Blind Spots of Liberalism: What an impoverished small town tells us about the dangers of not taking class seriously.
The Radical Unpredictability of Donald Trump
Singer quits Mormon Tabernacle Choir rather than sing for Trump: ‘I could never throw roses to Hitler’
Why Developers of Manhattan Luxury Towers Give Millions to Upstate Candidates (Cuomo in 2020! Ugh)
Memo to the media: Stop giving Trump the headlines he wants
Roman history and the dangers of nostalgia
Mama Ayesha’s Won’t Feature Trump on Its Presidential Mural
In D.C., the federal government gives released criminals many chances to fail (not about the lobbyists!)
10 Reasons Trump Won’t Lead A Nuclear Renaissance
Americans at Work: The Commute
In Letters To Obama, Trump Urging DACA Protections, Bowser Is Conspicuously Absent
The Department of Homeland Security Isn’t Always Great at Securing the Homeland
Pastors Part Ways After Partnership Between Black and White Congregations Dissolves
Kerry’s bombshell Israel speech is one of the most puzzling things I have seen in politics
Trump launches war on unions
Senator Bernie Sanders releases letter supporting teaching and research assistant unionization
To see what Ukraine’s future may be, just look at Lviv’s shameful past
Nomi Prins: Trump’s Bait and Switch — How to Swamp Washington and Double-Cross Your Supporters Big Time
Phone-Cracking Cellebrite Software Used to Prosecute Tortured Dissident
There’s one key difference between the Second World War and the Syrian conflict – the rebels of Aleppo are no heroes

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    I concur with Lemieux, particularly re the best reason to support Ellison.

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