Links 12/24/16

Links for you. Science:

Livestock Antibiotics Surging Up, Up, Up
Notes on a page
Immune System, Unleashed by Cancer Therapies, Can Attack Organs
Multicopy plasmids potentiate the evolution of antibiotic resistance in bacteria
Earth, the Final Frontier


NARAL won’t back Democrats who don’t fight for Obamacare. Good. (about fucking time)
The Swedish Approach to Road Safety: ‘The Accident Is Not the Major Problem’
What El Paso children are asking about Trump
Populism, Real and Phony
“Why Are You Still Talking About Hillary Clinton?” (because it’s a proxy for the direction of the Democratic Party)
Jewish family harassed after being falsely blamed for canceling a school’s Christmas play
Hey remember when DoJ blustered that Deutsche Bank was going to pay 14 BILLION DOLLARS for mortgage bond abuses & everyone freaked out?
James Comey and the Democrats’ outrage gap
The Lies at the Heart of Our Dying Order
Investment in Early Childhood Education Yields Substantial Gains for the Economy
Ivanka Trump’s boots are getting some hilariously brutal reviews on Amazon these days
Yahoo Reveals It Was the Victim of the Largest Data Breach in History — Again (Mayer is awful)
If I still wrote about Jewish issues &/or Israel/Palestine (which I don’t) this is what I would be writing abt the @keithellison nonsense
No, the Keith Ellison Tape Isn’t Anti-Israel — and Shouldn’t Torpedo His Democratic Run
Trump’s pick for defense secretary went to the mat for the troubled blood-testing company Theranos
Striking Portraits of Lonely Cars in 1970s New York

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