Links 12/19/16

Links for you. Science:

Shifting Demographics among Research Project Grant Awardees at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)
The Slow Death of Ecology’s Birthplace
Watch Baby Spiders Emerge From Mysterious “Silkhenge” Structures
Germany-wide consortium of research libraries announce boycott of Elsevier journals over open access
The sub-Antarctic islands are home to strange ‘megaherbs’
NIH discusses curbing lab size to fund more midcareer scientists (this will do nothing–there aren’t enough ‘big dogs’ taking enough grants for this to make a difference)


This Political Theorist Predicted the Rise of Trumpism. His Name Was Hunter S. Thompson. (must-read)
Curious gamble (important)
“I believe Trump like I believed Obama!” A case study of two working-class “Latino” Trump voters: my parents
Truth is a lost game in Turkey. Don’t let the same thing happen to you
My Response To Charlie Sykes’ “Where the Right Went Wrong” (excellent)
Their Swamp
American Radicals and the Change We Could Believe In
Donald Trump Is Daring Us to Stop His Corruption, and Democrats Have a Plan
To Trump, rules are made to be broken
Black Life and Death in the Age of Obama
Conservative Group Wants Trump To ‘Ferret Out’ Pro-LGBT State Department Workers
Obama Was Not an Economic Radical. Trump Will Be.
The Putin Paradigm
Was Barack Obama a Transformational President? Despite his bold promises, the president put more energy into rescuing, rather than changing, the old system
The Defense Department is Running Out of Money Unless We Do Something
Ivanka Trump Will Not Fix “Women’s Issues”—She Will Distract From Them
‘It Makes You Human Again’: How Albuquerque figured out how to really help its homeless population. And save money in the process. (not new, but good story)
Trump’s D.C. Hotel is a Frightful Dump—And a Scary Metaphor for the Trump Presidency
Jamie Kalven: the man with a lantern
Democrats Should Stop Talking About Bipartisanship and Start Fighting
White supremacist website calls for action in Montana (‘action’ against Jews)

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