Links 12/12/16

Links for you. Science:

Save the Pacific Bluefin Tuna
A tiny wasp could save Christmas Island’s spectacular red crabs from crazy ants
Science Is Not THAT Special
Winners and losers of the 21st Century Cures Act
Deep Secrets and the Thrill of Discovery


Identity politics vs. populist economics? It’s a false choice – liberals need to look in the mirror (excellent)
He ‘lied his a– off’: Carrier union leader on Trump’s big deal (of course he did–it’s what narcissists do)
Foreclosing on a 90-Year-Old Woman over 27 Cents and Other Heartwarming Tales from Steven Mnuchin’s Days at OneWest
How the Obamas Changed Washington
Second-chance law for young criminals puts violent offenders back on D.C. streets (I’ve suspected this is a major problem)
When will Trump voters realize they’ve been had?
Let Us Celebrate the Unimpeachable Nonpartisan Integrity of James Comey
Democrats Need To Pick a Leader. Now.
Seattle Minimum Wage Experiment is Over
Towards a Working-Class Environmentalism
A Warning for Americans From a Member of Pussy Riot
I’m a Journalist and Border Patrol Stopped Me From Covering Standing Rock
Ivanka Trump will not save the planet
In defense of “political theater” for Metro
‘They Are Slaughtering Us Like Animals’: Inside President Rodrigo Duterte’s brutal antidrug campaign in the Philippines, our photojournalist documented 57 homicide victims over 35 days.
Seen This Wall By The Washington Monument? That’s the Potomac Park Levee
Site Smeared as ‘Russian Propaganda’ Demands Washington Post Retraction
After the defeat of Hillary Clinton, what should the US left do next?

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