Regret For A 5-Star Sizzle And A 1-Star Steak

Pollfish, one of the few polling outfits that managed to predict Il Trumpe’s victory, has two disturbing results from a post-election survey of Trump voters. First:


Just saying. Anyway, this is the part that will make your head explode:


There might not have been ‘buyers remorse’ for Brexit, but seems there was for Il Trumpe.


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2 Responses to Regret For A 5-Star Sizzle And A 1-Star Steak

  1. hrun says:

    To be honest, I find it very hard to interpret poll results that have essentially one-off or totally unique questions. I think it is close to impossible to gauge if 11,5% is particularly high or low for buyer’s remorse a month following an election. What did this look like for Obama, Bush, or Clinton? I think only if we get a baseline can we figure out if this is abnormally high or common.

    • Miriam says:

      I agree. No telling what that figure means. I hear this all over the place, some number thrown out with no context, no baseline, no history. Sigh. Makes the source less credible to me.

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