Links 11/27/16

Links for you. Science:

What Happened When a Prison Brought in a Brain Injury Specialist
In The Weeks Before Trump Takes Office, Obama’s Mad Dash To Save Public Lands
Beyond business: Disgraced Theranos bloodied family, friends, neighbors


Protesting Trump, the District of Columbia Way (the reaction Il Trumpe receives from the locals will be very interesting)
This Single Concept Explains Trump’s Many Outrages
Steve Bannon Isn’t a Racist. He’s Worse.
How long before the white working class realizes Trump was just scamming them?
Remembering SEK
Days after Trump spoke to Argentina’s president his stalled Buenos Aires tower project picked up steam
The tricky political optics of resisting Donald Trump
Donald Trump’s Business Dealings Test a Constitutional Limit
Bill Black: Krugman’s Failure to Speak Truth to Power About Austerity
She helped bring down Sheriff Arpaio. Now she’s ready to take on hate nationally.
An Insider’s View: The Dark Rigidity of Fundamentalist Rural America
Democrats: Revoking Trump’s Fast-Track Trade Authority Is Good Policy and Good Politics
What a Betsy DeVos appointment would tell us about Trump’s education plans
A 40-Year Teaching Career Ending After Trump/Hitler Comparison in Mountain View
Hey, This Is Bad: North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory Is Refusing to Concede An Election He Lost [Updated]
Is Donald Trump’s transition being outsourced to the Heritage Foundation? That’s not good news
Untangling Trump’s Conflicts of Interest
Trump Foundation Received $150,000 Donation In Exchange For 2015 Ukraine Speech
Democrats neither can nor should ditch “identity politics”
Inside the Mayor’s Secretive Search for Schools Chief (Queen Bowser strikes again!)
Donald Trump lost most of the American economy in this election

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