Minorities Are Anxious, If Not Scared. Clinton Team Response: We’re Not Sorry

I really hope this is some kind of psychological buffering/protection response from the shock of losing the election, because this is unbelievable (boldface mine):

On a call with surrogates Thursday afternoon, top advisers John Podesta and Jennifer Palmieri pinned blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss on a host of uncontrollable headwinds that ultimately felled a well-run campaign that executed a sensible strategy, and a soldier of a candidate who appealed to the broadest coalition of voters in the country.

They shot down questions about whether they should have run a more populist campaign with a greater appeal to angry white voters, pointing to exit polls that showed Clinton beat Trump on the issue of the economy. They explained that internal polling from May showed that attacking Trump on the issue of temperament was a more effective message.

They offered no apology for the unexpected loss.

On the call, Clinton surrogates who have supported the campaign from the outside for the past 18 months offered their thanks to the Brooklyn-based operatives. The mood was light and supportive, with Podesta and Palmieri expressing gratitude for everyone’s hard work.

This is the greatest Democratic electoral failure in my lifetime–and I’m not close to being young anymore. That there is no recognition of the huge number of people who are going to suffer because of their failure is galling. No measure of contrition whatsoever.

As the joke goes, “You had one job, just one job.” And they failed us.

Clean house at the Democratic Party. Do it now.

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2 Responses to Minorities Are Anxious, If Not Scared. Clinton Team Response: We’re Not Sorry

  1. scottfree43 says:

    The real problem was the candidate, not the campaign. What I hear is that the campaign team knew that a progressive, reform platform was the winning approach but they also saw that there was no way that HRC could credibly run on such a platform given her personal history. Attacking Trump’s personal fitness was all that they could do and it was a poor and ultimately loosing alternative, We are in for four hard years. But below is a list of polls from the primary period. Hillary was never strong against Trump. I don’t know what establishment Democrats were thinking when the nominated her but if there is to be blame now they clearly deserve it for the results of this election.

  2. This is an epic failure. She outspent him over 2 to 1 in Florida and even more in other states. She had a huge staff advantage. They had an opponent that was a walking negative sound bite and she could not win. I mean just start with the campaign slogans. Make America Great Again versus I’m With Her. There might despise every part of the man but that is a hell of a lot better slogan and shows that he is for his supporters. Whereas the other its about the candidate and not her supporters. Plays right into all the negative stereotypes people have of her bullshit or not.

    The primary should have told everyone in the party how weak she really was especially in light of her performance in 2008. That Sanders a self-described socialist from Vermont could keep it so close despite the party putting the thumb on the scale for her was the first huge warning sign.

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