Links 11/11/16

Links for you. Science:

Dogs Do as You Do, Not as You Say
How the Brown Rat Conquered New York City (and Every Other One, Too)
Where’s the Love for Donkeys?
Disease afflicting wild snake species is now found across half of the U.S.
The Dairy Industry Lost $420 Million From a Flaw in a Single Bull


Primal Scream Time
There Was No Apparent “Whitelash” This Year
The consequences of this election
Lessons Never Learned
Voters Repudiate Clinton (given how she underperformed compared to Obama in getting Democrats out to the polls, even after accounting for voter supression, definitely a lack of enthusiasm)
Bill Black: Liberals Didn’t Listen – The Immense Cost of Ignoring Tom Frank’s Warnings
Here Are Some Of The Horrifying Things Trump Can Do With Republicans In Control
On Trump’s Performance
3 TVs and No Food: Growing Up Poor in America
We Can’t Trust Trump With Today’s NSA
Mick Jagger is Keytar Bear’s newest fan
D.C.’s First And Oldest Synagogue Moves For The Second Time
Forget Canada. Stay and Fight for American Democracy. (though it would help if Chait would stop his reflexive shitting on the left for a few years)
America’s Repudiation of Barack Obama
Working-Class New Yorkers Are in Danger of Going Extinct. So Is Our Accent.
Detroit Lion DeAndre Levy on ‘Locker-Room Talk’ and Why He Raises Money to Test Abandoned Rape Kits

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  1. jrkrideau says:

    Forget Canada. Stay and Fight for American Democracy.
    Well I have begun to worry that we, here in Canada, may have to set up facilities to receive real refugees from the USA.

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