Links 11/8/16

Links for you. Science:

The Royal British Columbia Museum’s Exhibit on Mammoths and Ancient Proboscideans
New data shows a deadly measles complication is more common than thought
Climate change could flip Mediterranean lands to desert
Evolutionary biology: How elephants beat cancer
The tiresome discussion of initial GMO expectations


Still Feeling the Bern
Daylight saving time ends Sunday. It ought to go on forever. (yes, it should)
GOP mailers: Watch for new ISIS ‘neighbors’ in Kansas
“Reagan Alumni for Trump” Remind America That GOP Didn’t Start Making Things Up in 2016
‘I Live in a Lie’: Saudi Women Speak Up
Want to Understand Trump’s Rise? Head to the Farm.
Obama may become DC Metro rider
Yes, It’s the Monday Before the Election and Robert Samuelson Wants Us to Cut Social Security
D.C.’s house museums open their doors to history
Young Trump supporter: Trump will end Zionism in America
Building Coalitions with the White Working Class
Trump and the Truth: The Viral Candidate
The Happenstance Solution
Beyond Lying: Donald Trump’s Authoritarian Reality
Why America Sort of Works
Facebook group for UKIP supporters posts claim that Jews are conspiring against Brexit

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