Links 11/4/16

Links for you. Science:

Biased Tide Gauges Mean We’ve Been Systematically Underestimating Sea Level Rise
Philly’s shame: City ignores thousands of poisoned kids
Kill the Feral Cats


The Story About Judicial Dysfunction Behind the Comey Whiplash (must-read)
WHERE THE CHALLENGES ARE: The challenges facing our public schools! Part I
WHERE THE CHALLENGES ARE: Disaggregating Massachusetts!
California’s Darrell Issa, in a once-safe Republican seat, finds himself on the ropes
Want to ride the bus during Safetrack but don’t know how? Read this.
Spiking a Rising Tide
In private, Donald Trump admits “if we don’t” win, “that’s okay, too”
European Queens Waged More Wars Than Kings
GOP hatred of Clinton will poison our politics for years to come
Metro’s latest budget proposal includes huge cuts to rail and bus service
The protests at Standing Rock are necessary. What happened at Malheur was nonsense.
Trump’s history of corruption is mind-boggling. So why is Clinton supposedly the corrupt one?
Clinton’s critics know she’s guilty, they’re just trying to decide what she’s guilty of
Maybe Peter Thiel Is Just a Crank
I’m Sensing a Trend Here
Tough(ish) Times for the People of Washington
If Clinton wins, get ready for an outbreak of conservative male grievance
Forget the FBI cache; the Podesta emails show how America is run

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