Links 11/3/16

Links for you. Science:

Why the Codependency Myth of Drug Addiction Needs to Die
Eliminating grant deadlines is a feminist issue
Ten tiny but terrifying micro-monsters
Neoliberalism and Textbooks (I promise this is better than it sounds)
How seaweed eating super cows will save the world


Amid ‘bad karma,’ a Virginia county takes extra safety measures for 2016 election
Donald Trump’s Companies Destroyed Emails in Defiance of Court Orders
Donald Trump’s Campaign Has Been Vile and Offensive—and We Should Thank Him for That
Collectors pay a fond farewell to Mass. Pike tollbooths
Exploding Phones Are Just One of Samsung’s Safety Liabilities
Christine Langhoff: The Real Goal of Question 2 in Massachusetts
James Comey fails to follow Justice Department rules yet again
The Filipino President Just Set Off a Diplomatic Earthquake
What a Hillary Clinton Presidency Means for Your Financial Future
Luxury housing tower for Copley Place scrapped (interesting that the market for high-end housing has gone soft)
The Clinton Campaign’s Labor Hierarchy, From Walmart Workers To Union Chiefs
It’s time to acknowledge reality: Donald Trump talks like an anti-Semite
They Don’t Care About Us
28 Days in Chains
33 Things This Election Will Decide That Have Nothing to Do With Trump or Clinton
The KKK was originally a giant, lucrative pyramid scheme
When CIA and NSA Workers Blow the Whistle, Congress Plays Deaf
Law firm ‘bonuses’ tied to political donations (stupidest lawyers ever)
The world at 1000 BCE
‘They’re not human’: How 19th-century Inuit coped with a real-life invasion of the ‘walking dead’
On Clinton Emails, Did the F.B.I. Director Abuse His Power?

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