Links 11/1/16

Links for you. Science:

Ptolemaic inference
A radical revision of human genetics
Do You Suffer from Trump Syndrome? (I’ve become convinced, if nothing else, that sleep deprivation is a major contributor to our obesity problem)
Bold claim of multiple sclerosis gene discovery comes under withering attack
White House initiative pushes for more tiny satellites


The $173 Trillion Austerity Tax in the Infinite Horizon (putting the Social Security ‘crisis’ in perspective)
Agony, Alarm and Anger for People Hurt by Theranos’s Botched Blood Tests (cautionary tale for genomics in here)
Why hasn’t abusive bully Chris Christie been impeached yet?
My Visit to the Trump Dump…. Sorry, Trump Tower
Is The Republican Wing Of The Democratic Party Taking Over? Only If You Let Them
Why Bernie Sanders Mattered Then, and Why He Matters Now
The City that Was Saved by the Internet
Rise of the American Mercenary
The case against free trade – Part 1
The Clinton Campaign Is Flawed, and So Is WikiLeaks
President Obama Just Showed Us How to Fix the Republican Party
Think Like a Genius: It’s no surprise that Donald Trump is so obsessed with two of the most dangerous concepts in education history
Eagles’ Allen Barbre, of Native American descent, on Redskins team name: ‘I just don’t say it’
The Sordid Irony of a Pro-Trump Art Show
We still haven’t recovered from the Great Recession
Considering the Coming Megadrought in the American Southwest
El Salvador Ruling Offers a Reminder of Why the TPP Must Be Defeated

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