The Wages Of Bigotry

One of the unintended consequences of Trump’s anti-immigrant bigotry is that it’s effectively raising the wages of undocumented workers from Mexico. No, really (boldface mine):

What Lozano doesn’t know about Trump’s candidacy is that, strangely enough, it has benefited him greatly. The value of those paychecks he earns, when converted into pesos and wired back home to his family in Mexico, is soaring. That’s because Trump’s harsh discourse toward Mexicans — build a huge wall, throw out all illegal immigrants, renegotiate NAFTA — has rattled markets and pushed the peso down against the dollar month after month.

Each dollar that Lozano ships across the border today provides his wife Maria with almost 20 pesos. In mid-2015, before Trump entered the race, each dollar fetched just over 15 pesos. The extra cash has helped Maria pay for all sorts of little luxuries: new blue jeans and skater-style sneakers for their 16-year-old son; and weeks-worth of supplies of beef, chicken and bars of soap. She’s even looking to salt away a little of the money so she can build a proper staircase to the second floor of their home in northern Mexico.

…there’s the growing fear of deportation. After watching the Republican National Convention in July, Iris decided she needed an emergency plan. She instructed her mother to set up a savings account for her, a little contingency fund, so that she and her husband — a construction worker in Dallas — and their two young daughters have something to fall back on if they get thrown out of the country.

And the money for the account?

It comes from her Trump-fueled windfall, of course.

Many bigots are stupid people. Trump is no exception.

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  1. jonolan says:

    Care to explain how securing our southern border, expelling foreign criminals, and renegotiating a treaty that doesn’t benefit our own people is bigoted?

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