Links 9/20/16

Links for you. Science:

Comment on Understanding current causes of women’s underrepresentation in science.
Mola Mola’s Genome May Explain Its Gigantic Size
Vaccines 101: Too Much Too Soon?
The Promise & Perils of Sharing DNA
Thousands of Sardinian DNA samples go missing from research laboratory


Earnings Are Rising, Along With the Damned Rent
The officer who killed Eric Garner got a big raise. The man who filmed him is in jail.
College faculty like to think of themselves as “knowledge workers,” but in the age of the administrative university, it just isn’t true
US teens often forced to trade sex work for food, study finds (related post here)
Ketchup sandwiches and other things stupid poor people eat
We, the Plutocrats vs. We, the People: Saving the Soul of Democracy
An Anniversary of Shame: Fifteen years after 9/11, we’re still entangled in the bad decisions America made following the disaster. But some in the CIA say the whole thing could have been over in six months
Sunday Morning Comin’ Down: I Was Just Holding This Big Bag of Bigot For a Friend, Officer
How Regulation Failed with Wells Fargo
The Estate Tax Debate We Shouldn’t Be Having
Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet
Public libraries struggle with drug use, overdose in their facilities
Where School District Borders Are Invisible Fences
Do we really care about children?
If Clinton Beats Trump 60-40%, The DCCC Would Still Fail To Take Back The House– And Anyone Who Tells You Differently, While Asking You For A Donation…
Make Yourself at Home in a UFO-Shaped Futuro House
In Pursuit of Integration

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2 Responses to Links 9/20/16

  1. sglover says:

    Bucky Fuller imagined the aviation industry applying its aluminum-bending expertise to cranking out the Dymaxion House. You can walk through it, if you’re ever at the Henry Ford Museum.

  2. jrkrideau says:

    RE: An Anniversary of Shame

    Just after 9/11 the Taliban offered to extradite bin Laden and associates Bu to a “neutral” Islamic country if the USA produced evidence of bin Laden’s involement. Bush and gang invaded

    The “war’ would have never happened had the USA been cooperative.

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