Interesting Business Model

Not sure there’s much call for a horse veterinarian in downtown D.C., but perhaps this mural observed on O Street NW, between 9th and Columbia, Shaw, D.C. suggests otherwise:

Interesting business model

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4 Responses to Interesting Business Model

  1. Kevskos says:

    Maybe the good Dr has the contract for either/both the Park Police and DC Police horse units medical needs.

  2. Kevskos says:

    There is also a commercial stable and riding center in Rock Creek Park. If I ever get back to DC I think I might go for a ride.

  3. R. L. says:

    Veterinary inspector around 1912 to 1916 according to google.

    • Kevskos says:

      And there used to be a stable around the corner. Saw it on google street view. Alley has been keeping up its old signs.

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