Links 9/11/16

Links for you. Science:

Politics Are Tricky but Science Is Clear: Needle Exchanges Work
Top scientists lay out sweeping recommendations for ‘moonshot’ against cancer (scorecard here)
As health officials warn of crisis, Congress’s Zika fight is prolonged by a sense of apathy
California Today: Vaccinate Schoolchildren or Keep Them Home
CEO cuts ‘Creationism’ from Youngstown school classrooms


Judge, Citing Inequality, Orders Connecticut to Overhaul Its School System
Circle Time At Success Academy
Success Academy Reveals Some Of Their Secret Methods (what I find amazing about these two posts is that no one at Success Academy realized many people would be bothered by these ‘teaching’ methods)
Here’s What NBC Should Ask at Tonight’s ‘Commander-in-Chief Forum’ (didn’t happen. Won’t happen, but still important)
It’s Time for Hillary Clinton to Play Offense on Obamacare
Win or Lose, Donald Trump Is Coming to Pennsylvania Avenue (With His New Hotel)
Trump’s clueless generals: No one should be impressed by the military minds backing The Donald
Carbuncle Cup 2016 winner announced
Who really takes paid sick days? The answer will surprise you
The FDA has failed the public by letting companies determine ‘safe’ food additives
Obamacare was supposed to make all birth control free. As a doctor, I see it’s not happening.
No, there is no evidence that Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease
Philippine President Sorry, Not Sorry He Cursed Obama for Criticism of His Killing Spree
Elizabeth Warren Emerges as Hillary Clinton’s Progressive Nemesis
New D.C. Zoning Regulations Take Effect Today (still seems too difficult to get mixed-use buildings and increased density, but baby steps…)
2-year-old cited for littering in D.C., but officials say they’re dropping the case

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  1. jrkrideau says:

    I imagine that Trump is sorry that he could not select Rodrigo Duterte as his VP.

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