So Much For Intersectionality

Throughout the Democratic primary, we heard a lot about intersectionality. While I’m sure some of the talk was sincere, much of it always seemed like a way to deemphasize and delegitimize a left-leaning economic agenda (much as the insistence that Trump can only be explained through racism and not economic frustration is). With that by way of introduction, we bring you this figure:


It does make one wonder if many of those trumpeting intersectionality have some hidden class biases.

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2 Responses to So Much For Intersectionality

  1. Maybe you need to read up on Bob the stripey triangle?

    Because honestly, the theme that comes through most of your posts is that you only care about white men. You disdain white women and think black men have exactly the same problems as poor white men. Not sure you realize any other groups exist or believe that they could possibly have problems different from what the “white male working class” has. And spare me that nobody talks about the white male working class. I guess you must think that mentioning that other groups have different problems somehow erases that all anybody has cared about until this election is the white male working class.

    • MarkE says:

      Do you read this blog often? Because it’s really drastically untrue that Mike doesn’t care about anyone besides white men? I’ve been reading for years, I’m a bi black man, and I get a lot of good information and analysis of racial, gender, and LGBT issues from this site. I don’t agree with him about everything but saying he doesn’t care is unreasonable.

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