Links 8/27/16

Links for you. Science:

Chemistry group throws out election results after fears of vote rigging
Obama’s science legacy: betting big on biomedical science
Experimental cancer therapy holds great promise — but at great cost
A Tiny Jellyfish Relative Just Shut Down Yellowstone River
The Thirsty Little Snake That Swam Across the World


Insufficient Funding Threatens Needle Exchange Program
Let Us Know How That Worked Out In About 40 Years
Between Señor Trumpanzee And Lamar Smith, The GOP Will Not Be Dialing Back Their War On Science This Year
How the NSA willfully exposes Americans to danger
A Tale of Two Standoffs
Trump just admitted his entire immigration posture is a big scam
Gawker’s demise is troubling for experiments in reader engagement
There is honestly no point in doing anything but this guy’s job.
Donald Trump Jacked Up His Campaign’s Trump Tower Rent Once Somebody Else Was Paying It
Mark Wahlberg’s Burger Chain Is Being Sued For Unpaid Wages
This is How South Florida Ends
Gawker Was Murdered by Gaslight (and being shitheads too)
Economic Anxiety Is All About Progress, Not Income
When a Planned Parenthood Clinic Closes, This Happens
Rent-to-Own Homes: A Win-Win for Landlords, a Risk for Struggling Tenants (not just for black families in the 1950s and 1960s anymore…)
Millennials aren’t buying homes. Good for them.
Why Your Team Sucks 2016: Washington Redskins

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