Links 8/16/16

Links for you. Science:

NEJM article doubles down on resistance to data sharing
I’ve Spent More Than 300 Hours in the Deep-Sea Twilight Zone
How Forest Loss Is Leading To a Rise in Human Disease
Maya tomb uncovered holding body, treasure and tales of ‘snake dynasty’
6 ways America’s national parks have dramatically impacted the history of science over the last century


Coding “White Trash” in Academia
The three student loan crises
After years of intensive analysis, Google discovers the key to good teamwork is being nice
Florida Tried to Shut Down Women’s Health Clinics. Then Zika Came Along. Here’s how the state’s war on abortion is hurting its fight against the virus.
Why Do the NYT and Economists Feel the Need to Lie to Push Trade Agreements?
Roger Ailes Used Fox News Budget to Finance ‘Black Room’ Campaigns Against His Enemies
A Surreal Life on the Precipice in Puerto Rico
Don’t Get Excited About The Democrats Taking Back The House– Pelosi’s DCCC Has Made That Impossible
Vincent Orange Will Resign From D.C. Council
The Unsexy Truth About Millennials: They’re Poor
Social determinants matter most to a person’s health. Here’s one story.
The Struggle to Save New Orleans’s Musical Identity. A charter-dominated school system grapples with embracing its city’s jazz roots.
NAACP members call for ban on privately managed charter schools
How Pence’s slow walk on needle exchange helped propel Indiana’s health crisis (indeed, it did)
The Bizarre and Manipulative Crusade by Centrist NYT Columnists to Persuade Clinton to Adopt the Republican Fiscal and Regulatory Agenda
Robert Samuelson Spreads More Nonsense on Trades
Cultural Cognition of Weather

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