Stop Worrying About The Anti-Clinton Dead-Enders

Or, if you prefer, those who forget history are condemned to waste a lot of time and energy. Pre-convention polling data suggest that ninety percent of consistent Sanders supporters will vote for Clinton in the general election. This really shouldn’t be surprising, though apparently it is, as most Sanders supporters are just the social democratic wing of the Democratic Party–which has always existed.

But I digress. Back to the history. As it stands today, it seems like ninety percent of Sanders supporters will vote for Clinton; I expect that number to rise as Trump’s awfulness becomes evermore apparent. To put this in perspective, here’s the exit polling from 2008 (boldface mine):

In the end, Clinton bowed out of the Democratic nomination contest after the last primaries and strongly endorsed Obama. Clinton gave a powerful speech for Obama at the convention and campaigned enthusiastically for the Obama-Biden ticket during the fall. On Election Day, the vast majority of Clinton’s supporters voted for Obama despite McCain’s attempt to appeal to women by making then-Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin his running mate. According to data from the 2008 American National Election Study, 83% of Clinton primary voters chose Obama over McCain in the general election.

For those keeping score at home, 83% is less than ninety percent.

The dead-enders really aren’t worth worrying about.

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One Response to Stop Worrying About The Anti-Clinton Dead-Enders

  1. Gingerbaker says:

    It’s not about Clinton so much as it is about the DNC, What they did to Bernie was despicable, off their charter, and, for me, unforgivable. It was UnAmerican, and yet you and MANY others really don’t seem to give a hoot. All this shittiness, on top of twenty years of moving to the right, and throwing Labor and those on Social Security under the bus.

    You call us “dead-enders”. Perhaps we simply care more about all the elections that will come after this November than supporting the candidate the DNC was in cahoots with. I would have voted for Clinton in the national election if she had won fairly, in a legitimate primary. But I refuse to sanction the DNC; refuse to let it slide; refuse to listen to the same goddamn message they always use – about how this particular Republican must be kept out of office at all costs. Bullshit.

    The Democratic Party just died. I seem to be one of the few who seem to care.

    I may not vote for him, but if Trump DOES win, don’t you dare point your finger at me! Point it at who is responsible – the DNC.

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