Links 7/5/16

Links for you. Science:

Angry Tweets Won’t Help African Lions
A Rant on Peer Review
Spilled Milk: Scientists engineered goats whose milk could save thousands of poor children’s lives. A world wary of GMOs was not ready
Discovery vowed to show real science. Was ‘Venom Hunters’ full of snake oil?
Watch Microorganisms Play ‘Pac-Man’ for Science


Bernie Sanders is winning some big victories in the fight over the Democratic platform (it’s just the platform; still, #4 is very good)
Donald is listening
ANTITRUSSSSTTT! [Bernie Sanders did SO talk about antitrust during his campaign. A LOT. But thank you, Elizabeth Warren, for picking up that mantel now.]
Overheard in D.C.: The Land of New Experiences
Seeing Metrorail’s true value could lead to a badly needed funding fix
Real Housing Choice
Beating the disabled at the security checkpoint (thanks Joe Fucking Lieberman! And the response of “her family should have called ahead” should be a firing offense–no, you shouldn’t beat sick, multiply disabled people)
Why Is Donald Trump Trying to Raise Money From Legislators in Iceland?
Don’t use test scores to judge teacher quality
Why The New Child Rape Case Filed Against Donald Trump Should Not Be Ignored
In This Corner of Washington, the Only Ideology Is ‘Money’
There’s a disturbing side to Kaya Henderson’s legacy of progress in D.C. Public Schools
Who Benefits Most From Housing Subsidies? The Wealthy.
Rebellion Spreads in Mexico After a Police Massacre
Monopoly power and what to do about it
What an Affordable Housing Moonshot Would Look Like (as long as the vouchers are based on zipcode and not metro area rents)
FCC’s Attempt to Kill Set-Top Boxes Looks Doomed to Failure (good but the opposition to cable regulation by Republicans is hardly “inexplicable”; it’s the campaign contributions, combined with the refusal of Dems to make this an issue–does anyone think Ed Rendell, from Pennsylvania, would take a full assault on cable companies quietly?)
How a Notorious Racist Inspired America’s National Parks

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