Links 7/3/16

Links for you. Science:

Slimy clumps of bacteria kill thousands. Scientists are fighting back (amazing how with all of the microbiome excitement, biofilms seem to be ignored–they were very hot ~10 – 15 years ago, and then dropped)
Debunking the myths about British science after an EU exit
Plasmid Dynamics in KPC-Positive Klebsiella pneumoniae during Long-Term Patient Colonization
Here’s why this lawyer defends scientists accused of misconduct
Biden threatens to fine researchers who fail to report clinical trial results


Attributions of causality
Chat Shit Get Sacked
Few quick thoughts on Brexit
Reaping the Whirlwind
The Supreme Court’s Ruling on Abortion Shows That Facts Still Matter
I walked from Liverpool to London. Brexit was no surprise
I Got Mine
Dark Money Floods Through Lower Levels Before It Gets to the Top
Business Leaders Have Abandoned the Middle Class
Donald Trump’s Adviser Has Been Battling Multiculturalism Since High School
We Visited The Town Where 75.6% Of People Voted To Leave The EU (see Colin and T.J.)
The mass exodus of middle class households continues from California: One-third of Bay Area residents would like to leave sometime soon.
England’s post-imperial stress disorder
From Berlin to Barcelona; will Airbnb ruin our most loved cities?
States Must Address Growing Inequality
Hillary Clinton’s Memoir Deletions, in Detail (not helping with the trust issue)
Ten years ago, predictions for DC today were pretty spot on, except for a few key things

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