This Is How You Buy Sanders’ And His Supporters

Bernie lays it out (boldface mine):

I think the issues of contention will be the understanding that Secretary Clinton has been wrong in supporting virtually every single one of these trade policies. I think what this campaign has shown is that working people understand that NAFTA and CAFTA and PNTR with China have been disastrous for working families. I think there will be some opposition to my point of view but I have the feeling that we’ll win that debate as well.

Secretary Clinton has come up, as usual, with a very complicated and convoluted approach on higher education. You got to spend half your life filling out forms and checking your income every day. I’m not sure that we will not win fairly easily on the issue of making public colleges and public universities part of what we consider to be public education, making it free. I suspect we’ll win that one as well.

I think the real debate will center around how aggressively we take on the fossil fuel industry. I will push for a tax on carbon. Secretary Clinton now opposes that. I think the crisis on clean water is one of the evolving crises in our country around the world. I think you’ve got to ban fracking…

I think a contentious issue which we have a shot to win is whether or not we break up the large financial institutions and we create a new financial system not based on a handful of giant Wall Street banks. That will be contentious. If I were a betting guy, I’d think we’d win that. But we may not.

I think the polls suggest that among Democrats there is strong support for a Medicare-for-all, single-payer system. And my guess is we’ll probably win that one too. We may not. But I think we’ll win that one as well.

The other issue that will be contentious is tax reform and making sure the wealthy and profitable corporations start paying their fair share of taxes.

Obviously, he won’t get all or much of this, but a liberal-ish vice presidential nominee isn’t going to cut it. One or two policy shifts could help Clinton here–and remember that on economic issues, the general election ‘pivot’ is to the left.

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3 Responses to This Is How You Buy Sanders’ And His Supporters

  1. noddin0ff says:

    Well, you can probably win most of the party with those ideas, but I doubt you can win a (normal) election with ’em. Socialism and all.

  2. sglover says:

    I think it’s the opposite: You can win a general election on Sanders’ proposals; it would merely be implementing many of the things that many people thought (foolishly) that Obama would pursue in 2008.

    But you couldn’t get it past the Clinton Democratic Party, which has far too many rice bowls depending on keeping things just as they are. Institutional Dems hate their left wing far more than they dislike Republicans.

    Anyway, it’s good to see Sanders fighting the good fight, but all he’ll ever get from Clinton are empty words, which she will betray as soon as it’s expedient. She’s a Clinton, after all.

    How many months before Clinton wades into her first idiotic war? It’ll happen within a year of her inauguration.

    Trump hysteria’s a sideshow. All he’s ever been interested in is money. With Clinton, we’re truly fucked.

  3. Cujo359 says:

    I’m afraid there’s nothing Clinton could say at this point to persuade me to vote for her.Even if she promised to adopt Sanders-like positions on the issues I found most important,I sincerely doubt she’d give those issues any effort at all before shrugging and saying “Hey, it’s Congress.What can I do?”

    The only thing that might persuade me to vote for her, albeit in 2020, is if she’s elected and shows a concerted effort in those areas that achieves the results one could reasonably expect.

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