Links 6/19/16

Links for you. Science:

What if PTSD Is More Physical Than Psychological?
Revealed: Cambodia’s vast medieval cities hidden beneath the jungle
Yes, There Have Been Aliens
The Mistrust of Science
The Perils and Promises of Gene-Drive Technology


The Radicalization Of Gun Store Owners Is Complete (this is the natural history of how guns get to criminals. Very important)
Ruin Your Google Search History With One Click Using This Website
A Higher Minimum Wage Won’t Lead to Armageddon
Gun violence is a public health issue
The TPP and Big Ag
Donald Trump is showing voters their ugliest beliefs. They won’t like it.
SafeTrack Leaves Riders Wondering: Where Did $5B For Metro Forward Go?
With Minimum Wage Fight Over, D.C. Activists Hope To Eliminate Tipped Wage
Man finds 22-pound chunk of butter estimated to be more than 2,000 years old in Irish bog
The History of Privatization: How an Ideological and Political Attack on Government Became a Corporate Grab for Gold
There’s an empty seat at your ANC meeting. Whose is it?
The Discredited Nonsense That Gave America The ‘More Guns, Less Crime’ Myth
Millions of firearms records languish at National Tracing Center
Top Sanders Backer On Email List: “He Doesn’t Want To Hand It Over”
The Issue in Our Judicial System Nobody Wants to Talk About

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