Links 6/18/16

Links for you. Science:

A New Origin Story for Dogs
Mosquito hunters search for Zika vectors
Stanford researchers ‘stunned’ by stem cell experiment that helped stroke patient walk
Postdoc mysteries
Despite Rise Of Superbugs, Syphilis Still Has A Kryptonite


Thoughts and Prayers
Dead last — again — among U.S. primaries, D.C. Democrats chafe at a trivial vote
The Case for Free Money: Why don’t we have universal basic income?
Bernie Has Every Right To Raise Hell at the Democratic Convention
Fairfax activists challenge zoning plan that could allow much higher densities (as long as surrounding, accessible suburbs remain sparse, cities will be overpriced)
Shorter workweeks will defeat the robots
The unconscionable abandonment of rural America
In the Wake of the Orlando Shooting, It’s Time to Ask What Type of Society We Really Want to Live In
The Case for Free Money. Why don’t we have universal basic income?
Scientists reportedly close to finding a use for LinkedIn
A promise impossible to keep
Cigna-Anthem Deal: Connecticut Gov. Malloy Signs Secrecy Bill That Could Shield Insurance Information From Public Release
Keep Shuffling Poor Kids Between “Failing” Schools

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