Links 6/11/16

Links for you. Science:

The world is alarmed by the Zika outbreak. No one is paying to deal with it
Conservative political beliefs not linked to psychotic traits, as study claimed (how do you fuck up the directionality of multiple effects when that clearly is going to “be the story”? Unbelievable)
Less than 40% of hospitals fully implement CDC’s ASP elements
These elephant seals just taught scientists why Antarctica is melting so fast
China Is Planning a Massive Sea Lab 10,000 Feet Underwater


Many Trump supporters don’t believe his wildest promises — and they don’t care
Why We Need to Be Grateful for Bernie Sanders: There is no path forward, but that doesn’t mean he should stop pushing the party forward
I actually think people are under-estimating what a disaster Trump is going to be for the GOP.
So, How Many People Have Sold Themselves Out to Trump? If you play in the dirt, you get dirty (but Democrats have been told that political contributions aren’t corrupting!)
Who Killed Rigoberto Ruelas?
Diverse Coalition Reaches A Deal To Pass The $15 Minimum Wage (though, unlike the referendum, it doesn’t affect restaurant workers: “This is not acceptable to us, and its an outrage that basically all of this would be achieved on the backs of thousands of poor women of color.” But Mayor Bowser would never do that, would she?)
If you’re still trying to defend Brock Turner…
Puerto Rico Democratic Party Reduced Primary Votes to 8% of What Was Expected
Clinton Loyalist Authoritarianism: Brad DeLong Threatens a Journalist and Economists. Who is Next? (as a probably now in-disgrace member of the High Holy Hermeneutic Order of the Shrill, these posts by DeLong bothered me when I read them)
Bernie’s legacy: One of the most valuable donor lists ever
Mapping Life Expectancy in Northern Virginia (census districts have huge differences)
Why America better prepare for an onslaught of violence at Trump rallies
Why Does Sanders Do Better Than Clinton Against Trump?
SafeTrack isn’t an excuse to be a jerk. Mind your manners
My Role With the Democratic Platform Drafting Committee
Donald Trump Campaign Demands State Department Release Hillary Clinton’s Trade-Related Emails (Trump is going to pound this non-stop)
Did Clinton’s Emails Expose CIA Agents? (keep in mind, a couple of years ago, Van Buren’s “We Meant Well: How I Helped Lose the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of the Iraqi People” was the toast of the lefty blogosphere. This is not some wingnut crank)
Hillary Clinton, Democratic nominee: Now the left begins to bargain with a painful reality — and a hopeful future. Yes, Bernie can and should push onward, even though it’s over. It’s time to face defeat, and fight for the future

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  1. Chris G says:

    Much as I’d like to believe Heer’s predictions, he’s wrong. The GOP establishment, i.e., the ones with deep pockets, will get their shit together enough to run Paul Ryan. Ryan will be challenged by Ben Sasse and Tom Cotton. Not only is Cotton a vicious imbecile but he served in the military. As such, GOP rank and file will flock to him en masse and Trump will be quickly forgotten. (And if Cotton doesn’t win the nomination I think he at least gets on the ticket as VP.)

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