Links 6/10/16

Links for you. Science:

There’s basically no landscape on Earth that hasn’t been altered by humans, scientists say
Leaping Electric Eels Resolve a Centuries-Old Mystery
The one hour lecture: How to captivate your audience in ten easy steps
Two-hundred-terabyte maths proof is largest ever


Where Nearly Half of Pupils Are Homeless, School Aims to Be Teacher, Therapist, Even Santa
Why Society Needs Historians
Public Service Announcement: 65 Is Not “Retirement Age”
The Hidden History of Muhammad Ali
The Valeant Meltdown and Wall Street’s Major Drug Problem
A shocking number of college men surveyed admit coercing a partner into sex
Tomorrow’s Test: For the first time, there are more students of color than white students in our public schools. How we confront this change will determine the fate of this generation—and the country
Universal Basic Income: A Revolutionary Idea That Could Gain Bipartisan Support (would rather have a jobs guarantee)
4 Reasons Bernie Sanders Could Fight On: Why Clinton’s call for Sanders to fall in line misreads the 2016 race
Why I Can’t Stop Laughing at Paul Ryan’s Anti-Poverty Plan
Life After Bernie
What Hillary Clinton would do to America (well, the Fight for $15 people won’t have to put their stuff in storage…)
How Hillary Clinton could give Donald Trump the political gift of the century
Broadband CEOs Admit Usage Caps Are Nothing More Than A Toll On Uncompetitive Markets
Brock Allen Turner: The Sort of Defendant Who Is Spared “Severe Impact”
Influence, money fueled Exelon-Pepco merger (D.C. politicians are so fucking Spiro Agnew)
Visions of the Future
Why Donald Trump won’t stop talking about Judge Curiel

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