Links 6/9/16

Links for you. Science:

This “Lost Underwater City” Was Actually Made by Microbes (THIS IS HOW IT STARTS SHEEPLE!)
Dogs were domesticated not once, but twice… in different parts of the world, research shows
Antarctic wildlife at risk from human derived E. coli
US researchers find bacteria resistant to last-resort drug
Tigers closer Rodriguez says he contracted Zika virus


They Swear They Were There: Sex Pistols at the Lesser Free Trade Hall
Strengthening K-12 Education: A Petition to the Democratic Party
This proto-CIA sabotage manual from 1944 reads like a checklist of standard office procedures in 2016
3 ways to shrink airport security lines
Meet Sultana, the Taliban’s Worst Fear
Open Letter to Wired
Andrew Bacevich: The US in the Middle East – “There Is No Strategy”
Introducing the Sprawl Tax
How Things Break: Ali fought Liston 50 years ago. Two legends were born, but another was broken
Obama says he has Wasserman Schultz’s back (depressing)
Ex-Texas official: Trump U probe dropped due to politics
Verizon FIOS Comes To Boston: The Missing Manual
Sanders condemns violence at Trump’s San Jose rally

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