Links 5/8/16

Links for you. Science:

Spotted leopards are nearly homeless. Scientists say 75 percent of their habitat is gone.
The New Yorker screws up big time with science: researchers criticize the Mukherjee piece on epigenetics
Ebola Carriers? Why The Virus Keeps Coming Back
Without Claude Shannon’s information theory there would have been no internet
Why NASA Is Building An $18 Billion Rocket To Nowhere: Although NASA touts its discoveries in space, the federal agency is, and has always been, about jobs on the ground. “Money aimed at science and research ends up with builders and contractors instead,” a former NASA deputy administrator said.


Report: $15 Minimum Wage Would Affect 14 Percent Of D.C. Workers
The problems with forcing regular password expiry
#BlackLivesMatter and Our Very Short Memories about What It Takes to Advance Racial Justice
Trump-loving tow truck driver says God told him to leave disabled Bernie Sanders supporter stranded (“The conservative Christian suggested he had a religious right to refuse service to Sanders supporters.”)
Rarin’ to Go-Go
David Duke Hopes To Get Donald Trump To Embrace Full-Blown Anti-Semitism (does Duke realize his daughter and grandkids are Jewish?)
Does the Cruz Exit Help Sanders? Will Hillary Appoint Bill Her “Minister of Jobs and Trade”? (pivoting towards ‘free trade’ is insane)
Beware of this new #NeverTrump scam
They met at a refugee camp after the Holocaust. Now they say they lived the American Dream.
Kingpins: OxyContin, Heroin, and the Sackler-Sinaloa Connection
There’s No Such Thing as a Free Rolex (but politicians are incorruptible, amirite?)
Credentialism and Corruption: Neoliberalism in The “News” Room
How Big Data Harms Poor Communities
I reported on Washington’s biggest party for journalists. Now I’m an outcast.

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