Links 5/3/16

Links for you. Science:

A DNA Sequencer in Every Pocket: A biotech company is building devices that will allow people to decipher genes in remote jungles, at sea, or even in space—and they say they’re just getting started (the one thing this very good article doesn’t discuss are the challenges of very high throughput)
Creative conservation: thinking outside the box to protect species in a warming world
More data support a common source for the M. chimaera outbreak (source article)
No, ‘science’ didn’t ‘prove’ that dogs hate hugs
Keeping Bees Safe: It’s A Ruff Job, But This Doggy Detective Gets It Done


Rahm Emanuel Donors Were Far Richer And Whiter Than Chicago: Study
Antisemitism has rocked Labour’s self-belief
Will Clinton Attempt to Bring Sanders Supporters into the Democratic Fold?
Stop sneering at the Bern
Steve Israel Coaching Some Hack Candidate Of His To Steal An Election In Syracuse
“The Trump people said all the right things” said a former member of his team. “He never intended to stick with it.” How Donald Trump won control of a prized D.C. landmark.
The Democratic Primary Ruined My Friendship! Why Bernie-Hillary has gotten so personal
An Update on WMATARU
This Man Was Forced to Kill Rats With His Heart Meds. Can D.C. Save His Apartment Building?
Thankfully, the 90s Are Over
Should Black Lives Matter Compromise? No.
Prince George’s County Just Isn’t That Into Urbanism
How the New York Times Helped Hillary Hide the Hawk
Reason #4 For Weak Productivity Growth: Labor Is Cheap
Colorado Weighs Replacing Obama’s Health Policy With Universal Coverage
Why Democrats Need Bernie Sanders to Stay in the Race
The Election is About More Than Whether a Woman Becomes President

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