Links 3/30/16

Links for you. Science:

To Slow Down Antibiotic Resistance, Focus on the Basics
We need to stop making this simple f*cking mistake
Why They Should Name the Ship Boaty McBoatface
Adorable Prairie Dogs Brutally Kill Baby Ground Squirrels
The scientist who first warned of climate change says it’s much worse than we thought


I just became a Democrat…for 5 weeks. Here’s why
Building the Virtuous Neighborhood
How Republicans are gaming the voting system to tip the 2016 election in their favor
Obama and the Cult of ‘Credibility’
Data Mining Reveals the Four Urban Conditions That Create Vibrant City Life
New Transparency Rule On Union-Busting Consultants Finalized
How can the rent be so high in DC when almost two-thirds of all rental units in the District are subject to rent control? A small number of “spoiler “units with high turnover may be the reason.
Sanders surprises Flagstaff coffee house patrons Tuesday morning
Michael Pettis: Trump and the Re-Emergence of the Jacksonians
Hey @Tribeca, I fixed some errors in Andrew Wakefield’s bio for you
Is College Football Profitable for Universities?
Indiana just banned abortion if the fetus has Down syndrome
Both D.C. And Montgomery County To Consider $15 Minimum Wage
Video rental past due for 14 years leads to arrest of NC man
When Abortion Fear Mongering Gets in the Way of Alzheimer’s Research
Welcome to the next housing crisis: chronic undersupply of homes for a growing country

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