Links 3/26/16

Links for you. Science:

Neil deGrasse Tyson: pedantry in space
Elizabethkingia anophelis
For Teachers, Access To The Scientific Literature is Priceless
Observation as an essential ecology skill
Cold Enough for Ya?


Montclair Still Feels Strife From School Tests Posted Online in ’13
Making Museums Moral Again
Trade Treaty Propaganda Goes Into High Gear
Nobel Prize Economist Says American Inequality Didn’t Just Happen. It Was Created.
We Know How to Fix Traffic, We Just Don’t Want to
Governor Blocks $2.85 Minimum Wage Increase After Giving Staffers $73,405 Raises
Capital Mobility and Trumpism
The mistake of assuming the poor have what the rich do
This is what happens when a black man goes to a Trump rally alone
How I answered a survey from the Progressive Change Campaign Committee about the Merrick Garland nomination
Poll: Utah would vote for a Democrat for president over Trump (the key thing is that the additional votes for Sanders compared to Clinton come from the no-votes)
Brown U. Students Protest Black Transgender Speaker Because Jewish Group Invited Her
More on Kevin Drum’s Protectionism for Doctors
Why I’m becoming a Jew and why you should, too

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