Links 3/22/16

Links for you. Science:

The Weird Stories Behind America’s Official State Fossils
A man’s discovery of bones under his pub could forever change what we know about the Irish
Who’s watching the chickens? American food-safety systems are so tangled it’s nearly impossible to know. Is there a way out?
Man I love being an ichthyologist
If you’re just not a morning person, science says you may never be


The Youngs Are Stupid (“I’m seeing more of this from, if not actual Clinton campaign people, those who could reasonably described as surrogates (prominent people who might not have a campaign role, but not internet randos). Stop telling the kids to get off the lawn. It isn’t going to help your cause.”)
How to Fight Poverty Through Full Employment
Our region’s poor residents felt the Metro shutdown the most
Bleak House: Tenants Removed From Uninhabitable Building Face Limited Services, Homelessness
The Sisterhood of the Easter Rising
Will the Democrats Ever Face an African-American Revolt? (unsaid is that class divides among African-Americans are every bit as stark as those among whites)
The End of Automatic Tipping Has Devastated Restaurant Paychecks (abolish tipping entirely; make gratuities mandatory)
The Koch brothers’ vision for America includes destroying your public library
Encouraging Fine-Grained Development
How gentrification really changes a neighborhood
As Women Take Over a Male-Dominated Field, the Pay Drops
NC’s new identity hurdle blocks the vote
Why I Love Trader Joe’s Parking Lots
With lack of maintenance, DC subway system loses its luster
Inflation Is Just Around The Corner
Republican Elite’s Reign of Disdain
How the Merrick Garland nomination explains the rise of Donald Trump
In Cambridge, a haven for the young homeless
Donald Trump has half a point about riots
Fast Food CEO threatens to go fully automated because of Bernie and Hillary (don’t really have to worry about Hillary so much)

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  1. zero says:

    Re: tipping

    Gratuities are used as a punishment by hateful people and exploitative managers / employers. Tips are tied to stereotypes, racism and sexism more strongly than to actual performance. It’s a form of power expression that has no place in our society. Making gratuity automatic doesn’t fix that. Requiring a living wage for foodservice employees does.

    Ban tips. They hurt us all.
    To employers and managers: provide your people with a decent wage and a stable schedule.
    To customers: quit being assholes.

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