Links 3/9/16

Links for you. Science:

The “Creator” paper, Post-pub Peer Review, and Racism Among Scientists.
Real life titan
From reproducibility to over-reproducibility
Five myths about heroin
How did NEJM respond when we tried to correct 20 misreported trials? (in several ways, NEJM is a real problem)


Sanders Upset Win in Michigan, as Clinton Blows Another 20-Point Lead
Stop laughing, Democrats! As the GOP goes down in flames, your post-Bernie civil war is almost here. While the Republicans compare dick sizes and howl at the moon, the fight for the Democratic Party is just starting (must-read)
Donald Trump’s Policies Are Not Anathema to U.S. Mainstream, but an Uncomfortable Reflection of It
Chickens, Home to Roost
Study: Bernie Sanders’s tax hikes are bigger than Donald Trump’s tax cuts (stupid title, interesting read)
The Clinton Email Bernie Sanders Should Bring Up in Sunday’s Debate
Sanders is Right, the US Needs a Healthcare System More Like Those in Europe (“…better to go with someone who has the right aspirations and hope his team can work out the details as they go along. Otherwise, we are stuck with the healthcare mess we have, or with a worse one.”)
Why These Ferguson Activists Are Voting For Bernie Sanders
School Finance Reform and the Distribution of Student Achievement
US faults MBTA for ending late-night ride service
Boston’s struggle with income segregation
Enough with trashing the liberal arts. Stop being stupid.
Tech job market is hot, but older workers struggle
End the Superdelegates. End the Caucuses. For Democracy’s Sake.
Things That Shouldn’t Need Saying But Apparently Do
Fewer Democrats Are Voting This Year In (Surprise!) States With Strict New Voter Laws
Death predicts whether people vote for Donald Trump

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