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The ‘Economic Left’, The Poor, and the Anti-Solidarity of Progressives

On the Democratic side, a perjorative canard that has risen is the notion of an “economic left”–leftists who apparently don’t care about racial or gender issues. As is often the case, there is a great deal of self-projection here by … Continue reading

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Links 2/24/16

Links for you. Science: Climate change politics is blinding us to the devastating effects of dirty air All of Evolutionary Biology in 12 Paragraphs, 237 Words, and 1,318 Characters Fight Vaccine Has Sharply Reduced HPV in Teenage Girls, Study Says … Continue reading

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Building a Groundswell and Bringing Back Welfare

Last week, Annie Lowrey had a good piece about the need to reinstate some sort of meaningful cash benefits for the poor. I certainly agree with that position, but this is the part of Lowrey’s argument I disagree with (boldface … Continue reading

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Links 2/23/16

Links for you. Science: Invasive Species: Florida’s Feral Monkeys Are Not Disturbing Ecosystem, Study Confirms State health official out after study on Planned Parenthood (but Twitter tells me there’s no War on Science. Or something) Hearing the Lost Sounds of … Continue reading

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Instead Of Self Driving Cars…

…how about we work on self-driving trains (boldface mine): There have been at least 47 “red signal violations” since the beginning of 2012, according to the Federal Transit Administration, which took responsibility for the safety of Metro’s rail system last … Continue reading

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A Failure to Communicate Or Lost In Translation?

As someone who can read and speak Hebrew, I’ve always found certain translations of the (Hebrew) Bible to be odd. Leaving aside versions that aren’t really in modern English such as the King James Bible, there’s usually something lost. Not … Continue reading

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Links 2/22/16

Links for you. Science: Five myths about placebos Vaccine rushed to Boston’s homeless after a death Mystery of disappearing asteroids solved Imperfect impact Whole-Genome Sequencing of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Resistant to Fifth-Generation Cephalosporins Reveals Potential Non-mecA Mechanisms of Resistance. Other: … Continue reading

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Observed on the D.C. Metro

So last week, this was in/on my Metro car on the way to work: I don’t even know what this is, though my Tweeples suggested everything from ectoplasm to blood from an alien hunter. Weird.

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Sleep, Income, and Race

One of those things that affects all facets of health–and yet is woefully underemphasized in popular culture–is sleep. But don’t trust me, listen to the CDC: To promote optimal health and well-being, adults aged 18–60 years are recommended to sleep … Continue reading

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Links 2/21/16

Links for you. Science: I’m Excited! A Post Pre-Print-Posting-Powwow Post Common Antibiotics May Cause Delirium, Confusion And Hallucinations Priority Other: Your theory of politics is wrong On Second Thought, Maybe Bernie Sanders’ Growth Claims Aren’t As Crazy As I Thought … Continue reading

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