Instead Of Self Driving Cars…

…how about we work on self-driving trains (boldface mine):

There have been at least 47 “red signal violations” since the beginning of 2012, according to the Federal Transit Administration, which took responsibility for the safety of Metro’s rail system last year and cited the “pervasiveness and seriousness of this problem,” despite years of warnings and efforts to address it.

…according to dozens of incident reports and the results of an outside investigation obtained through public records requests, has plenty of intricacies and contributing factors, and one unifying theme: Like most of us, Metrorail train operators sometimes tune out and get lost in their thoughts. The difference is that they are responsible for the lives of hundreds of people riding in 200-ton trains. Sometimes they sink into habit, move by instinct and fail to see what’s right before their eyes, investigators found.

…“Red signal violations are a serious safety concern and WMATA’s trend line is going in the wrong direction. WMATA had more red signal overruns in 2015 than in either of the preceding two years,” according to the statement.

This would be a relatively simple problem compared to cars on roads.

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  1. Felicis says:

    Could it be possible that the drivers are being required to work longer hours than is safe? Or that there is something missing in their training (or recurrent training)?

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