Links 2/23/16

Links for you. Science:

Invasive Species: Florida’s Feral Monkeys Are Not Disturbing Ecosystem, Study Confirms
State health official out after study on Planned Parenthood (but Twitter tells me there’s no War on Science. Or something)
Hearing the Lost Sounds of Antiquity
Senator Grassley, citing STAT investigation, urges better reporting of human experiments
Appearance of β-lactam Resistance Genes in Agricultural Soils and Clinical Isolates over the 20th Century


What Went Wrong With Teach For America
Krugman and the Gang of 4 Need to Apologize for Smearing Gerald Friedman
Free Stuff
SEIU fliers paint Clinton as $15 minimum wage supporter in Nevada (this is why the left can’t have nice things)
Ripple effect of Metro’s troubles: plummeting bus ridership across the region
The war for tech talent escalates
Are actions of a dozen officials in various agencies void because court says they are ineligible for office? (NIH and NSF seem ok…)
State raises expectations, but not pay, for preschool teachers
Maybe It IS a Single-Issue Election
Charter School Champion Hates Bernie Sanders, Prefers Hillary Clinton
Let’s Not Selectively Doubt Nevada’s Entrance Polls
Bernie Sanders Has a Tough Road Ahead of Him (for the condescending Clinton supporters, the last sentence is key)
Jack Kemp’s Power Lesson for Hillary Clinton
Realism of the liberals.

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