Links 2/29/16

Links for you. Science:

Seas Are Rising at Fastest Rate in Last 28 Centuries
A shocking one-third of Americans believe this Zika conspiracy theory
Detective story behind Rutgers report on rising sea levels
Two Tickets to Rattlesnake Island, Please


Why I’m Voting for Bernie Sanders on Tuesday
The Critics of Sanders’s Health Plan Understate Benefits and Overstate Costs
Lots of Derp Out There
My Friend Peter
Why I endorse(d) Bernie Sanders for President
John Oliver takes on abortion. Yes, he goes ‘there’—and he goes there well
There’s a ton of sexism directed at Hillary Clinton online, but most of it isn’t coming from BernieBros (but it’s an excellent way to not engage on policy and political failures)
PISA Problems (pdf)
SC town hall: Sanders calls for fighting structural racism; Clinton calls for white people to be “honest” (classic Clinton tactic: describe the problem, look pained, offer no real solutions)
Liberal redbaiting
Everything is Bigger (and Badder) in Texas: Houston’s Teacher Value-Added System
The Kids Today
Nevada GOP caucus somehow more of a disaster than its Democratic counterpart
On generational differences
ABC News: “Hispanics younger than 45 voted 70-27 percent for Sanders over Clinton in Nevada”. (I think a lot of people, especially older ones who are used to being on the forefront, are completely unable to process how powerful the age divide is)
No, Politico, Bernie Sanders’ Views on the C.I.A. Were Not ‘Extreme’
John King: More of the Same (or Worse)
Why Insurance Companies Are Nervous About Sanders’ Health Care Agenda

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