Links 2/25/16

Links for you. Science:

A climate scientist who decided not to fly
How one hospital is beating sepsis and saving lives (sepsis is one of the greatest killers in the U.S., largely preventable, and yet we do very little about it)
How Evolution’s Innovations Can Help Scientists Yank Water Out of the Air
Similar Data, Different Conclusions: By tweaking certain conditions of a long-running experiment on E. coli, scientists found that some bacteria could be prompted to express a mutant phenotype sooner, without the “generation of new genetic information.” The resulting debate—whether the data support evolutionary theory—is more about semantics than science (the classic creationist gambit of fuzzying up very complex science)
Death Valley Is Covered In Flowers


Nor a Lender Be: Hillary Clinton, liberal virtue, and the cult of the microloan (“What the spectacle had to offer ordinary working American women was another story.”)
Bridging a Digital Divide That Leaves Schoolchildren Behind
Boston shouldn’t derail Mattapan trolley
What Happened to the Business Community’s Clout?
Is Obama about to nominate an Exxon lawyer to the Supreme Court?
CBO: Bring on the tolls, or tax drivers per mile
How Society Pays When Women’s Work Is Unpaid
The Poverty of Neoclassical Economic AnalysisBill Black: Krugman Triples Down on His Smear of Friedman and Bernie (why is it so hard to hold two thoughts at once? 1) the GDP growth estimates predicted by standard models are often absurd, in both directions; 2) the CEA chiefs and Krugman have acted unprofessionally?)
Elder Guardianships a Shameful ‘Racket’ in America
The Secret to School Integration
Slide from recent campus carry dialogue at UH, in response to faculty concerns about dangers from armed students
Hawaiian State Senators Introduce Resolution Supporting D.C. Statehood
Georgetown Law Professors Complain Students “Traumatized” by Criticisms of Scalia, Demand “Remedies”
There Is Only One Way to Stop Donald Trump Now: And it requires all of us to realize who we are
An Open Letter to DeRay Mckesson: Teach For America undermines the fight for racial justice.
Restrictive driver’s licensing proof-of-ID laws are one of the ways Jim Crow still haunts this country
Federal Financing Shapes the Housing Market

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