Links 2/4/16

Links for you. Science:

Letter to the Editor: Exceptional Data in Paper on “The effect of meridian massage on BM, BMI, WC and HC in simple obesity patients: a randomized controlled trial”
Retractions – One now, perhaps more in the future
Error found in study of first ancient African genome
There Was No Vast Migration of Eurasians Into Africa
Why Don’t People Eat Turtle Soup Anymore?


Paul Krugman Misunderstands Bernie Sanders
On Kenneth Thorpe’s Analysis of Senator Sanders’ Single-Payer Reform Plan (but they’re not Serious Economists, so they will be ignored)
Hillary and the Dunning School (though one long-time reader, who is older than Clinton, said, “I was never taught that bullshit”)
The boycott Israel movement can’t have it both ways on LGBT equality
Meet the New Harry and Louise
How it feels to be a poor mother living without heat during a blizzard
Is Nominating Bernie Sanders a Worthwhile Gamble?
How Hillary is Already Complicit with the Next Subprime Real Estate Bubble
Low-paid Senate workers’ boss quietly rolls back their hard-fought raise
The Collision Sport on Trial
Hillary’s Latest Dirty Trick Outrages Even Kumbaya Progressive Thom Hartmann
Michigan’s Great Stink
More Notes on Reparations
Justice Department says it does not track data D.C. activist is seeking (bullshit)

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