Links 2/1/16

Links for you. Science:

The Bold Statement by the NSF.
Urban Lichens, Part 2 of 2: A Visit With a Lichenologist
Shifting Colors Of An Octopus May Hint At A Rich, Nasty Social Life
The heroic professor who helped uncover the Flint lead water crisis​ has been asked to fix it (but scientists engaging with the public is bad BARGLE BARGLE)
How Newly Discovered Species Get Their Weird Names


Krugman’s Cowardly, Dishonest Attack on David Dayen Over Krugman’s Misrepresentation of Sanders’ Financial Reforms (“The Krugman that was early to stand up to the Iraq War, who was incisive before and during the crisis has been very much in absence since Obama took office”)
What The Washington Post (and Nearly Everyone) Gets Wrong About Bernie Sanders: Nearly Every Campaign Is Aspirational
Roads and Debt
The long road to fixing Flint’s water
How mass incarceration creates ‘million dollar blocks’ in poor neighborhoods
Disability Is a Major Part of Poverty
The Volcanic Core Fueling the 2016 Election
Second Life Cycle Blues
Dog accidentally runs half-marathon and finishes in seventh place
The Washington Post Doesn’t Like the Postal Service
Nobel Laureate Becomes Reluctant Anti-Gun Leader
Billionaire’s yacht causes extensive damage to coral reef
Rape, street harassment and trolls. This punk band has a song for that.
The Five Lamest Excuses for Hillary Clinton’s Vote to Invade Iraq
Why Do Old People Hate Young People So Much?
In This Impoverished Mississippi Community, Teacher Assistant Is a Coveted Job. It Pays $9 an Hour.
Clinton Needs To Be Questioned Very Hard on Social Security

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