D.C. Makes Some Good Parking Policy

Since I highlight the myriad and diverse ways in which the local D.C. government screws things up, I should be fair and note when it does something right:

Currently, developers constructing new residential buildings in DC must build a certain number of parking spaces. The new code will eliminate this parking minimum in certain parts of DC, like high-density residential areas near public transit. Instead, the number of parking spaces will be determined by the market in that area.

Mandatory parking spaces lead to higher housing costs in two ways. First, the cost of the building–and thus rents–increases to cover the spaces (and additional parking fees never cover the total cost; people who don’t own cars are subsidizing this). Second, there’s less on-ground alley and parking infrastructure, which also wastes additional ground area.

Well done, D.C.

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  1. jrkrideau says:

    Does this mean someone in the US has actually been reading Shoup? Congrats.

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