Links 1/19/16

Links for you. Science:

What Star Wars can teach us about the ecology of a Type I civilization (excellent)
Terrifying ancient crocodile discovered in the Sahara was the size of a bus (but how would it fit in sewers?)
The Outcome of My Clinical Trial Is a Mystery
Alternatives to antibiotics not a short-term solution to drug-resistant infections
Our faculty search so far


The Bundys Have A Vision For The West, and You Aren’t Included
This Professor Fell In Love With His Grad Student — Then Fired Her For It: Christian Ott, a young astrophysics professor at Caltech, engaged in “discriminatory and harassing” behavior toward two female graduate students, a university investigation has found
Who’s driving high abortion rates? It’s the religious right
When David Bowie Came to Silver Spring
Hillary Clinton: “Shame On You”
I run a Silicon Valley startup – but I refuse to own a cellphone
Why Larry Summers is Wrong and Bernie Sanders is Right on Glass Steagall
Where Did All Our Subscribers Go?
The US Thought One of its Afghan Hospitals Was in the Mediterranean Sea
Bernie Sanders: I Oppose Charter Schools
The Best Paid People in Our Societies Are the Worst People
How “Hard” Should School Be?
Reformy Myth Busting, 2016 Edition
This Is What It’s Like To Be Christian And Live Under ISIS
The Federal Reserve We Need

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