Links 1/17/16

Links for you. Science:

Hippos have a reputation in fiction as gentle giants. In reality they can turn violent and even kill people
Disease-causing soil bacterium may be present in nearly half the world’s countries
Akin’s Laws of Spacecraft Design
I Stand with Linda Sue Beck: The Attack on Science at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
The Irony of STEM Funding


Debating Clinton (“If people want to tell me that Hillary would be a less horrid option than whatever profound ghastliness the Republicans throw up, I’ll listen to them respectfully. If they try to tell me there’s something inspiring or transformative about her, I’ll have to wonder what planet they’re on.”)
The Friedrichs Freeloaders Go To Court
Dear Parents: Everything You Need to Know About Your Son and Daughter’s University But Don’t (interesting)
My Right to Die
Where the Oregon Militias Came From
Time to Pound My Head Against the Wall Once Again (note that DeLong has disowned this; I’m not sure why–they’re valid criticisms)
The white man pathology
Emily Kaplan: Are “No-Excuses” Charter Schools Harming Children’s Future Success?
Hillary Clinton Whiffs on Reforming Wall Street’s Rating Agencies
All I Really Need to Know I (Should Have) Learned in Kindergarten
Donald Trump’s despotic fantasies: Here’s what the world would look like if he were president
Behind the Scenes in Oregon, Ammon Bundy Preaches Revolution: Three days with the armed occupiers shows this is more than a protest: Their leader wants locals to throw off ‘tyrannical’ Washington and take the law into their own hands (it’s called seditious conspiracy)
We Talked to a Witch Who Casts Viruses Out of Computers With Magic
Mother’s Against Drunk Driving Should Also Be Against Zoning

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2 Responses to Links 1/17/16

  1. Chris G says:

    Re STEM funding: Schubach’s article only scratches the surface. Dig a little more and it gets much uglier – (In particular, read Robert Charette’s posts on the IEEE web site linked to at the bottom of the page.)

  2. sglover says:

    Maybe possibly the reason DeLong tossed the post down the memory hole is that a line like “Hillary Rodham Clinton needs to be kept very far away from the White House” isn’t the kind of thing you put on a resume’ when you’re hoping for a high-status post in her administration?

    DeLong was a syncophant for Greenspan, Rubin, Summers, Geithner, He even shilled for Yegor Gaidar, who arguably did more than anyone to abet the great fleecing of Russia by oligarchs.

    Neoliberals aren’t on the same side as lefties, even if they do make pleasing noises from time to time.

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